Saturday September 1st, 2018


 Day one of the Moab Labor Day Campout starts with a hearty breakfast put on by the Red Rocks 4-Wheelers at the Moab Rim Camp Park. I was born and raised in east-central Wisconsin where "biscuits 'n gravy" is not a thing ans although I know it's popular in other areas (every hotel I've ever been to in America has it as part of the continental breakfast) I've never had it before. It was very good. Sure I feel like I ate a pound of clay afterward, but it tasted good. It was a very satisfying start.

~~~ picture of breakfast ~~~

After breakfast we crossed the road to the assembly area and got organized into our trail groups for the day. 

Staging area on Saturday morningStaging area on Saturday morning

 I was signed up for the Steel Bender trail today, which has a trail rating of 6

Steel Bender Trail Head SignSteel Bender Trail Head Sign

Steel Bender turned out to be the a great trail. I've never been on this trail before but it is the kind of trail I enjoy, easy to get to, there are no long boring areas, it doesn't scare the shit out of you with 500ft drops immediately outside your door, and it doesn't try to roll you over. It's just a good rocky trail, with some good climbs, some good drops and a lot of traction to make it possible. Below is The Wall, it was the first obstacle to really give some people trouble, mostly the 2 door Jeeps.

4 Door JK's like mine can walk right up it.

~~~ video of me going up The Wall ~~~

There are some signs on this trail to give you some guidance.

Map along the trail
Map along the trail

The next obstacle of merit is called The Falls. It was the tallest thing I've ever driven a vehicle off of.