This article is from April 2022.

Extreme Terrain sent me an email the other day asking "Would you be open to doing an honest parts review post for us". They made no editorial requests whatsoever so we worked out a deal on an item that was of interest to me and few days later I had a set of their Raxiom JL style tail lights


Now I've never had anything against the stock JK taillight, they perform well and look reasonable, but as LED has become the dominate lighting source, the old incandescent taillights on the JK have become relics of a bygone era. I've been keeping my eyes open for tail lights for some time but I've never seen anything I loved. Most of the aftermarket lights I've seen in the wild have been cheap pieces of junk that frankly aren't bright enough. I know that "smoke" lensed headlights and tail lights are all the rage but I don't want to substitute function for form when it comes to my lighting. I want people to know when I'm on the breaks or when I'm turning and many of the aftermarket tail lights don't meet that bar.


 Build Quality

As far as building quality goes these lights are indistinguishable from the factory lights. They have similar weight, similar material thicknesses, and nearly identical design on the back. These could very easily be the OEM light. The only design flaw is with an electrical acccessory box that is not fastened to anything. There is no mention of this little accessory in the instructions. I don't know what it's function is or where they intended for it to be mounted but it does need to be delt with and it actually lead to a small issue for me.


Installation & and the little black box

Installation is simple as there are only two screws holding the lights on and just one electrical connection on the factory tail lights. However, there is the extra little electrical box with the Raxiom lights that you need to find a location for in the cavity behind the lights. The box comes with good quality 3M adhesive pads preattached and is detachable from the tail light so you can install the box without having to also hold the tail light. My Jeep is thuroughly rust proofed with a layer of cavity wax so I had to remove that from the area I planed to stick the box using some Prep-All. I also wanted to use a mechanical fastener (cable tie) for additional support but was only able to do that on the driver side as I couldn't find a way to get a cable tie around anything on the passenger side.


Here is where I put the box on the driver side.


Here is where I put the box on the passenger side. This is not a good spot to put it, as it interferes with the installation of the tail light. To get the little plastic feet inside the tail light opening I had to angle the light in such a way that the wiring connector on the light hit the plastic accessory box.


This is the default location of the electrical connector.


I moved the connector up to the higher tab in hopes of gaining clearance but it wasn't enough.


I eventually had to move the connector a second time to the inner side of the tab, however there are some ribs on that side that prevent the push-in post from seatig firmly so I added a cable tie to assist in managing the connector. This arrangement fit just fine. However, I wish the instructions included guidance on where to place the little accessory box. It sure seemed out of the way where I had it, but that wasn't the case.

Here are some pics of the finished installation.



Comparison with OEM JK Tail Lights


Overal the light level of the Raxiom tail lights is great. The rectangular portion that is on with the praking/driving lights looks spectacular, very modern and evenly illuminated. The directional/brakes portion is bright, I'd say brighter than stock, but not blindingly so. The reverse light is decent, but not an improve over stock. You can see in the video how the factory reverse light shines more toward the ground than the Raxiom reverse light does so it doesn't light the ground immediately behind the Jeep as well as the stock tail light. I'll have to see if that's an improvement or a hinderance in real life. Perhaps aiming slightly higher will help with lighting up distant objects for my backup camera.

Fit and Finish

The lights look great, and like I said before, could easily have been the OEM light. The only negative, and it's a small one, is that the foot print on the Jeep isn't exactly the same as the factory lights and because of that the abrasions in the paint from the original lights can been seen above the top of the new lights.

image.jpegRaxiom Tail Light Scuff


All-in-all these are a very nice product and a tastefull upgrade over the stock tail lights. They could improve the instructions to include safe places to install the little black accessory boxes. It would be even better if they could find a way to attach the boxes to the lights themselves. If I have problems with them becoming unstuck I'm going to drill holes in the tabs on the back of the lights and mechanically fasten the boxes to the those tabs with cable ties.