If you want to control electrical accessories the wrong way you run a wire from your battery into the cab of the vehicle, then tap off of it a bunch of times to switches and then run wires from the swithes to each load. This is called making a "brids nest", a tangle of unfused wires strewn under your dash that is nearly impossible to trouble shoot when things stop working, and a real fire hazard if one of those wires grounds out. The proper way to power accessories is with a relay panel with fused circuits and I found a very nice 5 circuit kit from Amazon for about $140.


This is a top quality OEM type product that just looks really well made and thuroughly gasketed. The components are made by Bussmann and Picker which are both major brands with good reputaions.

space for a relay panel

Finding a play to mount this box is not easy considering there is almost no empty spaces under a Jeep JK hood. However there is a cavity between the computer and the ABS brake controller that is just the right size.

relays panel's new home

With the legs bent just right I was able to get the mounting surfaces of the legs to sit flat on the plastic support holding the ABS brake unit. I drilles some new holes that lined up with the support and screwed it down.

Bussmann Relay Panel

relay panel mounted

To control the relays I bought some cool rocker switches with designs specific to the Jeep. I planned on mounting the switches in a new trim piece that features an intergal switch housing for four switches. The part is supposedly designed to replace the factory trim on the drivers side A pillar, however it turned out to be an ill fitting piece of shit. Beware of these types of housings. If you have one that is a perfect fit, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A-pillar switch pod

After realizing these types of housings are garbage I found the Daystar Switch Pod (Amazon link) and it fits much better.

Below are the rocker switches. I ordered them with green backlighting to match my Jeep dash lighting.