Do not buy an A-pillar switch pod that looks like this:

I believe this same unit is available under a range of brands but I think they are all the same thing. I bought one of these and didn't realize the thing was a pieces of garbage until after I spent the time to cut out the switch holes. Once I had the unit preped and the wiring all run I disassembled the Jeep and discovered the thing doesn't fit! It's so bad I made a video.

Do you speak winch?

winch hand signals

This is from the Warn Basic Guide to WInching. I had no idea there was an official set of hand signals.

I just installed the Bussmann Accessory Replay Panel I got from Amazon. This is a kit includes a Bussmann relay and fuse panel in a weather-tight gasketed enclosure, some barrel crimps, heat shrink tubing, and some cable ties. The unit has 5 individually controlled relays, each circuit has a fuse for the load, a fuse for the control circuit and a fuse on a "constant hot" supply circuit. You can read about the installation here.

bussmann relay


OK, This is the coolest gift I got this year, my wife got me a custom made mouse pad!

Mouse Pad


I know what you're thinking, who actually uses a mouse pad anymore? Well that's what I used to think until I recently got a desk with a glass top. Optical mouses (mice?) don't work well on glass top desks, to get by I taped a piece of paper to the desk as a make-shift mouse pad. This is a million times better,


@seventwoimages posted this video of @anthonyterzo55 wicked crash. Glad you’re alright! #Extreme4x4Nation

A post shared by Extreme 4x4 Nation™ (@extreme4x4nation) on has a new article about Dana Ultimate 60's for a project Jeep.

Winter has hit Wisconsin so it's time to update my Kanati Trail Hog A/T review with some words about their performance on snowy and icie roads.

Warn M8274-50

I posted a new article called Choosing a Winch. It's got tons of analysis on the performance of various winches based on the technical specs and applies them to a real-world scenario. I compare a broad range of winches from cheap imports to the top-of-the-line Warn M8274-50. I think the results will both entertain and surprise you. If the specs can be believed the best performer is....