Warn M8274-50

I posted a new article called Choosing a Winch. It's got tons of analysis on the performance of various winches based on the technical specs and applies them to a real-world scenario. I compare a broad range of winches from cheap imports to the top-of-the-line Warn M8274-50. I think the results will both entertain and surprise you. If the specs can be believed the best performer is....

I hope Santa was good to everyone! Along with other Jeep goodies under the tree I got a new Warn VR12 12,000lbs winch! At 82 pounds the winch took the crown for the heaviest gift under the tree this year!

christmas 2016

I think the Jeep Juventus jersey is funny. I'm a big soccer fan but not a Juventus fan in particular, I just wanted their jersey because of the sponsor.

For those of you who don't live in an area where the use of salt on the roads is common during the winter (a/k/a "The Rust Belt") here is what it looks like. What you're looking at is not snow, or dirt, road salt, residue from driving around town for just two days. It's the main reason I bought aluminum fenders.

road salt

Snow does not melt on Vision X LED headlights. I had a 2 hour drive home in sticky wet snow, the temperature was just under freezing at 30-31ºF. If VisionX headlights can't melt snow at 31ºF they never will. Also, my AOSI LED fog lights have the same problem. The fog light openings in my LOD bumper filled with snow. I had to pull over every 15 minutes or so and clean off the lights to see where I was going. That is a real bummer. I'll have to see if the snow sticks to them in colder weather as the winter goes on.

snow on visionx

Here is a picture comparing the stock plastic flare with the Nemesis Industries Odyssey front flare.

odysses vs stock flare

Here is a timelapse of the installation for one of the front fenders. The second one took about half the time of the first.

I just received my LOD Signature Series bumpers today. The packaging they used to ship them is the best packaging I've ever seen. The bumpers look excellent.

LOD Signature Series bumpers

I updated the Build List to include the Nemesis Industries Odyssey & Notorious Fender Flares. I ordered the Odyssey Series for the front and the Notorious Series for the rear. I'm not a big fan of the naming system Nemesis uses because it's a little confusing. The Notorious Series rear fender flare is "factory width" but the Notorious front fender flare is narrower than the factory flare. However the Odyssey Series front flare is "factory width". There is no Odyssey rear flare, you just use the Notorious. If you want a narrow rear flare you can get the Crawler Series, but they also offer a Crawler Series front flare, which is even narrower than the Notorious. Confusing. It boils down to 3 widths available for the front but only 2 for the rear. See the chart below:

Nemesis Industries Fender Flares

 Factory WidthNarrowerNarrower Yet
Front Odyssey Notorious Crawler
Rear Notorious - Crawler
Nemesis Industries Odyssey Fender Flare in Textered Black Powder