My jeep with the Dana 60's and Method 105 beadlock wheels
My Jeep July 11, 2016 with Dana 60's and Method Racing 105's

Dana 60's are in and my Jeep is drivable again! I'll write the details in the Dana 60 Install page on this site soon. I have not tackled the locker wiring yet.

There are no big hang-up with this swap but there is one problem that needs to be addressed and that is the brakes, or lack thereof. The pedel makes it about 3/4 of the way to the floor before any braking actually occurs, which gives you the horrible sensation that you might not have any brakes.

The good news is that Mopar offers the RAM 3500 series booster and master cylinder for the Jeep JK (Part No. P5160050) that should rectify this. I'd say that addressing the booster/master cylinder is a necessity for this project.

After mounting the axles I spent a fair amount of time adjusting both the front and rear control arms. The setup I had with the stock axles perfectly centered the wheel inside the wheels inside he wheel wells but gave the rear springs a bad looking arch because the pinion was pointed up too much. When I installed the Dana 60 not only was the arch still a problem but now the beefier upper control arm bracket on the passenger side hit the swap bar link. I shortened the upper arms about 4 full revolutions and lengthened the lowers about 3.

sway bar link hits bracket
That's not good!

In the front I knew I'd have to adjust for the "designed for lifted vehicles" geometry of the Dana 60's. The instructions (of which there are almost none by the way) say the caster should be set to 3.2 degrees. Without adjusting the arms I was well over 5 degrees. I adjusted the caster by extending the upper arms about 4 full turns until I had a reading of about 3.5 which was close enough for me.

With this set-up the driveline and suspension all work fine however my tires rub in a couple places. The rubbing is caused partly by the increased width and partly by length of the control arms. The biggest problem is the front tires hitting the bumper. That I'll have to adjust right away. The back tires barely buff the back of the fenders when the wheels travel upward far enough.

As far as left and right fit go the rear is perfect and the front is about 3/4" offset toward the passenger side so that'll have to get adjusted as well.