When you take a wrench to a brand new vehicle and make some major changes you develop this habit of subconsciously listening for rattles, clunks, and really any signs of imminent doom. Yesterday while driving over some bumps in the road I noticed some clunking coming from under my Jeep. It went from a new sound I'd never heard before to a very noticeable and dreadful sound in a matter of half a mile. I pulled over and inspected everything I can remember having touched with a wrench but nothing looked amiss. I finished my errand and took the Jeep to my shop for further inspection and found that the rear brake caliper mounting bolts on my Dana 60 were never properly torqued from the factory and one had fallen completely out and was lost and the other was hanging on by just a couple threads. The clunking was the brake caliper slapping the inside of the rear wheel.

Loose caliper mounting bolt
Loose caliper mounting bolt

I checked the passenger side brake caliper mounting bolts and found them to be loose as well. Needless to say I am a little let down by Dana/Spicer for not having quality controls in place to ensure proper assembly. This event has definately planted a seed of doubt that some other parts of my axles may be improperly assembled or not torqued to specifications.

New grade 10.9 16mm mushroom head bolt
Thanks True Value!

Luckily we have a True Value store in our small town that has an amazing selection of hardware including grade 10.9 16mm mushroom head bolts in just the right length.