I bought new AOSI 4" LED fog lights to match my Vision X LED headlights. See my review here.

AOSI 4" LED fog lights with halo

There were a couple reasons I wanted different fog lights. The first one is practical, I'm hoping for something that shins farther down the road. The Vision X highlights I have produce a bright patch of light directly in front of the Jeep (right where the factory fog lights shine) and they are bright down the road but they are lacking in the space between. I'm hoping that the AOSI LED foglight with their better beam control and adjustability will fill in the space that the Vision X misses. Second, I didn't care for the color difference between the Vision X LED and the incandescent.

What made me get these particular fog lights is the mini-halo rings! They are the perfect match to the halos on my Vision X headlights. When I'm driving around town often times I have just the halos and the fog lights on. Otherwise my headlights blast right into everybody's back windows and mirrors and must be super annoying. The factory fog lights don't produce enough light for this to be a safe habit on darker roads so hopefully these fog lights will address all of these concerns while looking awesome!