I received my Bestop Trektop NX in black twill last week. It's made really well and looks great however it is incredibly tight making it very hard to get on the first time. When I went to install it I left the canvas sit in the sun for about an hour to warm up before I tried putting it on but I could not get the front hooks to reach the loops on the windshield, it was about 1/2" short. I also could not zip the side panels to the back window if I had them properly inserted into the B-pillar. In the picture below you can see the wrinkle in the side window caused by the side panels not being inserted. You can also see that the back windows is as tight as a drum.

I left the top sit unlatched overnight and tried it again the next afternoon, however it was no better. I eventually had to use ratchet straps to pull the middle bracket toward the windshield so I could latch the top. I had to pull the straps so tight it was scary. I was worried for the grab handle hardware that I had the straps hooked on. I don't know how you could possibly get the top on without a mechanical means of stretching the fabric.

Bestop Trektop NX Twill
Bestop Trektop NX in black Twill
Getting the top to hook
Stretching the top with ratchet straps
Getting the top to hook
You can see the bracket that needs to be pulled.

The bracket that goes above the B pilar is held in place by a bolt with a plastic turn knob. I could not tighten this enough to overcome the tension of the fabric and when I lowered the top the bracket would slide backward keeping the front from latching. By hooking the strap to this bracket I was able to keep the bracket in the proper position and latch the top to the windshield.