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I purchased Cooper Discoverer STT Pros (37x13.5R17) right before my Moab trip this fall so this is my first winter with them. The previous two years I've had Kanati Trail Hogs which were excellent on snowy, icy roads. The Cooper's are decisedly not excellent. When I bought the Coopers STT Pros I realized they don't have as much sipping as the Kanati's therefore probably wouldn't match the Kanati's on ice, but the Coopers are nowhere nearly as good as the Kanati's. What is really suprising is that I've read pleny of forum posts and articles where people are stating the STT Pros are a good choice for snow. Do not believe them. They might be good in deep snow, but not for normal winter road conditions.

Snow & Ice Performance Rating 

Cooper STT Pro

1 2


4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Kanati Trail Hogs

1 2 3 4 5 6


8 9 10


STT Pro tread

As you can see, I'm driving on ⅜" of snow and this was enough to turn the STT Pros into ice skates. Ice skates is actually not an accurate comparison because ice skates perform great on ice, a plastic sled would be a more accurate comparison. With a plastic sled you have some say in the direct you travel, but it's not decisive, more of like an opinion, in the end garvity and the snow decide where your sled will go.

The STT Pro's might not be the worst tire for snow but they are below average. If I had to give them a rating between 1 and 10 on their performance on slippery roads, where 1 is a completely impractical racing slick, 10 is a studded tire, and 5 is an average truck tire, a 3 is all they earn. I'd give the Kanati's a 7, maybe 7.5 on snow and ice, they are way better. Even on their second year the Kanati's were very respectable, significantly better than my virtually new STT Pros.

What now? I ordered a tire sipping tool and will see if I can improve their traction.


My Jeep in the snow

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The parts shown below have seen just TWO Wisconsin winters, they are about 2 years old.

axle rust

Dana put almost no consideration into the finish of the Ultimate 60 axles. They are painted with a cusory amount of paint that probably washes off in the car wash. Only the differenctial cover has a durable finish, the rest of the axle, including the rear hub bearing housings have almost not protection.

axle hub rust

This rusty hub is not a nice look.

shock rust

This is a Metalcloak RockSport shock. Part of the issue with the RockSport sock is the plastic sheath that covers the shaft of the shock doesn't fit perfectly in-line with the shock body so it rubs the shock, removing the paint. However there are large patches of rust in areas not effected by the rubbing so the plastic sheath isn't completely at fault, There just isn't much corrosion resistance built into the finish. In all fairness, this sock is the least expesive option Metalclaok offers so you get what you pay for and if I had to pick a spot to cut corners the shock finish is a good one to pick.

I took some pictures of my new Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires next to my Kanati Trail Hogs. The STT's are 37x13.5r17 and the Trail Hogs are 37x12.5r17 so the STT's should be a bit wider. The Trail Hogs have about 30,000 miles on them when the pictures was taken.

I got new tire and wheels for my upcoming road trip to Moab & Ouray! Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 37X13.5R17LT and KMC XD231 beadlocks in black powder coat. More information about how I selected these and reviews of both are coming.

I hate to admit it but my Jeep has never seen a trail. It's been in 4-wheel drive for snow and pulling people out of the ditch, but never on an actual challenging trail. I am about to fix that. I will be in Moab Utah for the Red Rocks 4 Wheelers Labor Day Safari September 1st thru the 3rd. My Jeeps first pilgrimage to the promised land.


I might be hanging out a few extra days so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your in the area or are participating in the event, I'd love to meet you.

My plans aren't set yet but I might also be in the Ouray / SIlverton / Telluride area of Colorado the following Thursday and Friday. I've never been there but I've always wanted to check it out. I'd love to hook up with a group if possible. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are in the area or have suggestions.

sail jeep

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