I had a brief scare yesterday...

Front driveshaft CV Joint
Front CV Joint hits this bracket

I put my Jeep in 4WD for the first time since the upgrades and I heard a very worrisome clunking coming from the transfercase. My first thought was that I had done something to the transfer case when I swapped the output flanges. climbed underneath and discovered that the monstrous 1350 CV Joint on the front driveshaft hits a bracket. Luckily it doesn't look too serious and it's something I'll trim or bend out of the way.

Here is my first wiring problem. The wiring harness for the stock Dana 44 has two molded connectors that both have 2 wires in them. The new Dana 60 has just two wires sticking out of it. Something has to give here.

stock axle wiring loom
How do I wire this?

I can assume that one of the connectors on the jeep wiring harness is used to energize the locker, but I'm not sure what the other connector does. My guess is that it provides feedback to the jeep about the engaged/disengaged state of the locker.

Dana 60 locker leads
These are the leads sticking out of the axle?

Here is what is sticking out of the Dana 60's. There is a plastic connector body included for those two pre-terminated leads along with the mating end that is pre-wired with several feet of wire leads. However, none of the provided wiring is a plug-in fit for the factory harness. It's provided for those who are installing the Dana 60's into a vehicle without any existing wiring. Some cutting and splicing will be required to mate the Dana 60's to the Jeep wiring.

I ran into a problem that I didn't know existed. The bores for the lug nuts in my new Method Racing 105's are too small for a socket to fit in.

How do you tighten that?

While searching for a thin wall socket (which I learned is a thing), I discovered "spline drive" lug nuts designed for "aftermarket wheels that require slim lug nuts"!? Say what? This is so common that we had to re-invent the lug nut? Anyways, I ordered a set and an extra key (because now I have to make sure I always have the stupid key). They work like a charm but I'm still let down that the wheels don't accept a standard socket.

Standard nut verses Spline Drive
Spline Drive Key

Really there is no excuse for Method to manufacture the wheels like this. If they're going to portray their product as "Race Wheels" surely you'd expect the use of an impact socket to remove and tighten the lug nuts, but that is not the case. You can't fit a standard socket much less a beefier impact socket.

Day one!

However I hit a snag early on, the driveshaft I got from Adams Driveshaft is considerably longer than the length I ordered. It's about 2" too long by my estimation. I ordered 43 5/8" and what I got will run about 45-45 1/2".

That's not 43 5/8"